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Willmore Phillips.

Building Homes.

Not Houses.

Circa 1930

At a time when houses were being built with only two things in mind - time to build and occupancy rate - Willmore Phillips were designing and building homes differently. 

With a keen eye for quality, innovation, affordability and reliability, Willmore Phillips were building homes that would truly stand the tests of time and maintain an ageless appearance, while being adaptable to meet the requirements of future inhabitants. 

History of Willmore Phillips: About

Local Builders.
Local Homes.

The homes built by Willmore Phillips were built with the intention of keeping everything local, as lugging around tonnes of materials from all of the country would have been a huge challenge.

Knowing this, Willmore Phillips would obtain all materials (including bricks, sand, aggregate etc.) from local suppliers within a 50 miles radius. This cemented Willmore Phillips' reputation as a local company that built homes for local people. 

Neil - Willmore Phillips.JPG
History of Willmore Phillips: About

Around 5,000
Willmore Phillips Homes.

Pretty soon, Willmore Phillips homes were appearing all over the Worthing area. With whole estates, like King Edward Avenue, being comprised entirely of homes built by Willmore Phillips.

In modern day Worthing it is highly likely that you will drive past a home built or worked on by Willmore Phillips, with around 5,000 homes being attributed to their fantastic craftmanship and forward thinking.

History of Willmore Phillips: About

Willmore Phillips

Having taken on the Willmore Phillips brand in 2012, we continue to uphold the ethos that made the name synonymous with quality, innovation, detail, and reliability.

With our specialist building work, no task is every too much. Services ranging from plastering, to plumbing, to brick laying and everything in between. 

History of Willmore Phillips: About
Neil MacMillan - Managing Director - Willmore Phillips.jpg

Neil MacMillan

Willmore Phillips Managing Director

When Neil MacMillan finished his bricklaying course in 1995, he realised that it wasn’t just about learning a skill to earn a living. He knew that for him it was something special. He didn’t want to be a bricklayer he wanted to be the best bricklayer in town! There are very few people in or out of the building industry that would disagree that he has achieved his goal!

Neil is never one to rest on his laurels and new challenges attract him like a moth to a lamp. So, when an opportunity came up to train as a retained fireman, he was ready and waiting. Having been on retention for 3 years in 2001 he became a fulltime firefighter. He retired from the fire service in 2009 though ongoing problems caused by an injury sustained soon after he joined up.

Fortunately, he still had his passion for bricklaying so he went straight into business so he could support his young family. Having purchased his home he researched its history to find that it was a Willmore Phillips (a famous local builder) house. As he extended and renovated the property, he realised what a quality build it was.

So, you can imagine his delight when he found out that the company name became available in 2012. He bought the company and has traded it ever since maintaining and upholding the traditions and it’s ethos.

History of Willmore Phillips: About
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